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5 Tips to a Bone Healthy Diet

Healthy Bones During National Osteoporosis Month, it’s important to remember that bone health is very important. Whether you already have osteoporosis or want to stave it off, it’s crucial that you focus on the health of your bones as well as the rest of your body. If you are at risk for osteoporosis, getting a bone density test can help set you on the right path to prevention and maintenance.

Does my diet affect my bone health?

Yes! Your diet affects various aspects of your health, so it’s important to know what’s going into your body. You already know that you need calcium to have strong bones. However, you may not realize how this is impacted by vitamin D. Your body needs certain levels of vitamin D to absorb calcium. Without this combination, you are at a greater risk for bone loss and broken bones. You can get small amounts of this vitamin from things like fatty fish or fortified milk, and your skin makes it from the sun. The sun isn’t such a great source, though. Too much sun can damage your skin, and sunscreen will block out the vitamin D completely. Instead, adjusting your diet to include more vitamin D and calcium is the best way to ensure the health of your bones.

Here are a few tips

Aside from calcium and vitamin D, there are a few other nutrients that can help you to keep your bones healthy:

  • Vitamin K – This vitamin comes from prunes and dark, leafy vegetables like kale, spine, and brussels sprouts.
  • Potassium – You can also get this from prunes. Other sources include raisins, potatoes, spinach, oranges, and bananas.
  • Vitamin C – You already know this comes from oranges, but it also comes from peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and papaya.
  • Magnesium – This nutrient can be found in vegetables such as spinach, artichokes, plantains, raisins, and sweet potatoes.

Eating 1.5 cups of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables a day will help maintain your bone health as well as your overall health. Just mix it up to keep your taste buds interested!

Prevention is always the best answer

When you’re working against bone loss and trying to maintain your bone health, prevention is always the best answer. Keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the best ways to keep your bones strong. Again, the only way to know for sure whether you have osteoporosis is to have a bone density test. We can help you with this test as well as any treatment that you might need.

Are you ready to start on the path to healthy bones? Contact or call us now to schedule a consultation with our providers!

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